[Sublime Horror] Upstairs’ downfall: The decline, death and afterlife of the English country house in five ghost stories


Sitting printed out in my stack of unread articles has been “Upstairs’ downfall: The decline, death and afterlife of the English country house in five ghost stories” by Lewis Hurst at Sublime Horror.

With the London gloom and the chilly air, I have finally had a chance to bundle up and find a quiet moment to read through it. It was a pleasure to learn of five new ghost stories that were not on my radar; especially ones touching on crumbling greatness.

I am currently reading Sarah Waters’ The Little Stranger so it is perfect timing for this supplementary article.

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What Is On the Very Edge of the Wood?

theme announcement whm

As the founding editor of the literary magazine, The Wild Hunt, I’m super excited for our first theme issue: What Is On the Very Edge of the Wood? Once you’re done carving pumpkins and filling up on too many sweets, send us your fiction! The deadline is the 1st of November 2018. Anything spooky, weird, Gothic, dark, etc. is welcome as long as it interprets the theme to some degree. If you have questions, feel free to drop me a note in the comments.

More info here.

Tasmanian Gothic



Only today did I hear of the term “Tasmanian Gothic” to describe the blend of European Gothic traditions with the wild and remote island of Tasmanian. How I have lived my life not realizing this?!

While reading the Wikipedia page, I saw that I have already encountered a few of these works, but never knew of their own distinction. Hopefully, some free time this weekend will allow me to explore more of this and update my notes.