Things That I Like Right Now: The Podcast Edition

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It might appear a bit upbeat to choose such a colourful photo, but I figured a little whimsical joy would benefit us all. But don’t you worry! These three podcasts that I’ve been totally digging during lockdown are dark and spooky, and at times, downright horrifying.



This is the podcast we all need right now. Host Caroline Crampton’s voice alone is making this strange dystopian nightmare of real life a little bit easier to get through. According to its tagline it is “the podcast that unravels the mysteries behind classic detective stories.” I’ve always thought that people with a rosy nostalgic look of decades past were a bit sideways in their thinking and many of these episodes prove it. So many people of the last century were up to no good with conspiracy and poisonings galore. There was plenty of real life fodder for Agatha Christie and her compatriots to pluck from when penning their page turners. With 36 episodes and counting to choose from, simply start from the beginning and you won’t be disappointed.

Root of Evil


Perhaps, I am alone in this but I always maintained that I would never consume anything more about the Black Dahlia case. That was until a friend sent a recommendation about this podcast. I read the description and was still immensely sceptical. I find what was done to Elizabeth Short beyond horrifying and even though it was committed over half a century ago, it still scares me, sending chills down my spine. However, this is one wild and frightening ride. It makes a beyond convincing case for who the murderer was (the police at the time also had their sites on this person) and it also interviews the family members, who were traumatised in the aftermath. It is a truly Gothic horror.



This is a monster story if there ever was one. The Italian justice system is a notoriously baffling and inconsistent one, and it doesn’t disappointment. When a serial rapist preys on tourist women in the city of Padua it is up to the women themselves, along with dogged Italian journalists, to catch him. He is slick and often evades punishment. The storytelling evokes anxiety in this real life penny dreadful.

Even though these 3 have different projects, they all have gripping narratives, evocative storytellers and wind through the world of dark tales.

What are you listening these days?

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