“the princess who thought she was made of glass”

glass princess

My recent historical dive obsession this week has been Princess Alexandra of Bavaria who suffered from the “glass delusion,” a delusion in which the suffer thought they were in some way composed of glass.

At some point in young adulthood, she became convinced that she had swallowed a glass piano as a child. BBC – Culture did a write up last week about the historical context and mentioned the stage play I will soon see based on Princess Alexandra.

From BBC – Culture:

The glass delusion was well-known enough to crop up briefly in Robert Burton’s The Anatomy of Melancholy in 1612, in a long passage of paranoid anxieties: “Fear of devils, death, that they shall be so sick, of some such or such disease, ready to tremble at every object… that they are all glass, and therefore will suffer no man to come near them.”




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