Patreon: The Wild Hunt


It’s a new year and my co-editor and I are really excited for the new short stories we have lined up at The Wild Hunt. This past year was our first year and we are more than impressed by the line up of stories and authors that we’ve published.

We’ve finally jumped on the crowded bandwagon of magazines that are on Patreon and are kindly asking for any patronage ($1 per month will most certainly help!). We currently have three tiers, which all include a hearty thank you from us, with two options having extra exclusives. The Patreon page also gives an overview of what we are aiming for and growing towards. If a small monthly patronage won’t work for you, please have a gander at the other ways you can help out and spread the word.

Additionally, like previously mentioned we have a handful of fantastic stories scheduled over the next few weeks and we hope you enjoy! **The submission window is still open, and we’re happily reading and accepting new stories and essays.


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